Resources for Working Moms #2 (#BMHW20)

By Kiley MayfieldApril 17, 2020

Navigating COVID-19 for Nonprofit Leaders, Business Owners, and the Self-employed

The novel coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping our state’s health system and economy has caused more unemployment than any other time in recent history. Black women in Louisiana are disproportionately represented in public-facing jobs and earn 47 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men— the steepest income inequality in the nation. So where are the most up-to-date resources for Black birthing people? Below are helpful links and contacts to figure out the next few months, as we all stay safe and weather the economic storm.

Essential Worker?

There may or may not be policies that protect your health at work. Currently, there are no federal or OSHA standards in place to protect essential workers during this
pandemic. Self-advocacy is the most direct way to receive information and protection you need.


We want to hear from you. Is there information you need that has been difficult to find? What services have been unavailable that are important to you? How can the
city of New Orleans, and the state support your family and your health during this pandemic?

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