Statement on the Unconstitutional Texas Ban on Abortion (TX Senate Bill 8)

September 02, 2021

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Dawn Godbolt, PhD, Policy Director



Washington, D.C. September 2, 2021 The Supreme Court’s refusal to stop Texas’ unconstitutional six-week abortion ban endangers the lives of birthing people across the country. The law not only prohibits abortion before most people know they are pregnant, but it also sets a dangerous precedent in the continued policing of Black and brown bodies.  

Black and brown people are particularly vulnerable as conservative lawmakers consistently prove their intent to harm folks who live on the margins by upholding legislation that makes it more difficult to exercise our basic human rights. For over 50 years, Roe v. Wade has relied on viability as a determinant for protection. The Supreme Court’s functional reversal disregards our health and our safety, leaving women, queer folx, poor people, immigrants, and Black and brown people without access to comprehensive health care during a global pandemic. Further, the courts’ failure opens the door for other states to enact similar draconian measures.

“Critical Race Theory allows for us to understand why the Supreme Court of the United States would block California from stopping in-person gatherings during the pandemic, but say they can’t stop Texas from allowing the bounty hunting of people seeking abortion services and their providers because it’s too complex,” stated Dr. Joia Crear Perry, Founder and President of NBEC and trained obstetrician-gynecologist, “The framework of Patriarchy, White Supremacy, and Racial Capitalism is very consistent in the SCOTUS majority opinion. The question we must grapple with as a nation is if we want to continue having these as our national frameworks and organizing strategies. An unexamined life keeps these three strategies in place and is detrimental to a democracy.”

Both the history of this country and this recent inaction send a clear message: the Supreme Court is not fighting for the people but against us. The National Birth Equity Collaborative will continue to use reproductive and sexual wellbeing, Reproductive Justice, and human rights as our frameworks and organizational strategy to fight this unconstitutional ban. 


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