Birth Justice Rapid Response Fund 

(Birth Justice RRF)

The Birth Justice Fund – Rapid Response Fund (BJF-RRF) is a three- year opportunity to advance community power efforts led by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) birth justice (BJ) organizations to address implicit bias and structural racism and their impact on maternal and infant morbidity and mortality.

About the Birth Justice Rapid Response Fund

The Birth Justice Rapid Response Fund is intended to provide quick, nimble, and flexible funding to advance the cause for the birth and reproductive rights of BIPOC communities and to set agendas and influence policies, practices, and narratives to advance birth equity.  Our goal is to reduce barriers and increase accessibility to funds for the birth justice movement.  The Fund is led by an Advisory Committee that consists of five organizations: National Birth Equity Collaborative, The Praxis Project Inc., SisterSong, Groundswell Fund, and Ms. Foundation.

Organizations should consider applying if they meet the following requirements:

  • Doing work in the fields of birth equity and reproductive justice, with an explicit or organization-wide focus on issues that address structural racism, social injustice, and their impact on maternal and infant morbidity and mortality
  • An individual and/or social justice organization* led by and serving women of color (Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latine/x, Asian-American/Pacific Islander (AAPI)); transgender, gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, and queer people of color; low-income women of color; and/or low-income transgender, gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, and queer people of color
    • This funding allows for a wide range of potential applicants not usually eligible for funding from philanthropic institutions. This includes:
      • Independent 501c3 organizations
      • Projects affiliated with a fiscal sponsor possessing 501c3 status
      • For profit organizations, individuals, and 501c4s with specific initiatives/programs (already in place or entirely new) that have a charitable purpose
  • Additional eligibility criteria include:
    • BIPOC-led:  The majority of the organization’s leadership identifying as people of color
    • BIPOC-serving:
      • The majority of recipients of the organization’s services and/or people impacted by the organization’s advocacy efforts identifying as BIPOC
      • Organizational budget disclosure
      • Local branches of national organizations are eligible to apply provided that the local budget falls within the prescribed range.


Grants can be up to $50,000 each and will be awarded for 1 year. Eligible organizations are able to request up to $50,000 for one (1) year grant terms. Extensions and/or additional funding may be requested at the end of the grant term.

Contact us for assistance via email at or by phone at (202) 656 – 0434.


The Rapid Response Fund is intended to provide low-barrier access to general operating funds that can be used to respond to a variety of existing and emerging organizational and field needs. Applications for the first wave of funding will be accepted beginning Wednesday, July 20 through 5pm ET, Wednesday August 17, 2022. 

How to Apply

  • Contact name/info, point of contact including name and title (the person the grant agreement will be addressed to)
  • Organization’s or individual’s legal name, Mission alignment with the goals of the birth justice movement

Video applications, phone/zoom “interview” applications, etc. are all acceptable application formats for consideration.

Applications will be accepted on a continuous rolling basis or, alternatively, during frequent intervals (3 waves beginning in summer of 2022 through 2023 until funds have been exhausted.

The selection committee will review the submissions utilizing the following criteria:

  • Organization’s or project’s mission statement
  • Majority of the organization’s financial decision makers racial, ethnic, and gender information. This is self-defined and can include leadership and the Board of Directors.
  • Majority BIPOC clients and stakeholders
  • Mission alignment with the goals of the birth justice movement
  • Identified need(s) and urgency (including timeline, population, and geographic areas served)
  • Reputation in the field
  • Application title, and focus for proposed funding (project-based required for non 501c3s)
  • Website and/or social media handles to verify work and eligibility criteria
  • Funding request amount may not exceed $50,000 per year
  • Likelihood of impact on systemic efforts to advance a birth justice agenda

While organizations not affiliated with the Advisory Committee members listed above are highly encouraged to apply, organizations that previously or currently receive funds from these partners are also eligible to apply through this funding opportunity.


  • If selected, grantees must:
    • Provide a current W-9 (includes social security or employer identification number)
    • Complete a Praxis direct deposit form to expedite payment
    • Agree to share grant application materials with Praxis for grant administration
    • Notify NBEC and Praxis of any administrative changes (e.g., staffing) as soon as practical. 

After the first wave of grants, the committee will share the types of grantees that have been funded to help future applicants understand what we are looking for.  We intend to be responsive to applicants’ suggestions and feedback, so future funding opportunities will shift based on that feedback.

  • Payment
    • The grant agreement will be issued, and funds will be received by grantee organizations within 6-8 weeks of full application submission with complete payment information.
  • Reporting
    • A streamlined reporting process will occur at the end of the grant period, including phone interviews,  video submission, and/or grantee meetings.


The Birth Justice RRF will launch in three waves with the first beginning in Summer 2022. The Fund will award a total of $500,000 in each wave, with individual awards of up to $50,000. Applications for the first wave of funding will be accepted starting Wednesday, July 20, 2022 with the application period to run through 5pm on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

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