We are truly the majority. The #WeAreTheMajority campaign unites the voices of Latinx, Blacks, Muslims, LGBTQ, Women, Asians, Refugees, People with Disabilities, Working Class, Rural Folk, Allies…and those of countless other marginalized communities to demonstrate we recognize the policy proposals of the incoming administration if enacted, would cause irreparable harm to us and our communities.

#WeAretheMajority of United States citizens, and now we are coming together to resist and take action against the attempt to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The AHCA is being considered as “the most regressive taxation law to redistribute wealth in U.S. history…” This will be a continuously vigorous fight to make sure our voices are heard, so we ask that you not only join us Today, but also in the days to come!

We know you have rallied your network through volunteer groups and service organizations before. Let’s do it again… Stand up for the majority! Join this Call to Action by contacting your congressman & congresswoman, and sending this AHCA Call to Action letter to say Please vote NO to any iteration of the ACHA.

Many people have already organized events across the U.S. on inauguration day, now let’s continue to create an overarching framework that demonstrates that we are all in this together.  Our combined energies serve as a resounding announcement of our continued commitment to social justice for the next four years. Join Us, Take Action!

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