NBEC aims to reduce Black maternal and infant mortality through research, family-centered collaboration, and advocacy.


Dr. Crear-Perry is the Founder and President of the National Birth Equity Collaborative.

The Campaign for Black Babies

Reducing black infant mortality by 50% in 10 years


Did you know that twice as many Black babies die before they reach their first birthday? Did you know that in some cities the rate of Black infant mortality is three-times the national average? NBEC’s first report will compile a comprehensive data set on where and why Black babies are dying. The report will feature effective evidence-based practices and policies for reducing Black infant mortality.


Black babies are dying at alarming rates across our nation. Learn how to be an effective parent and community advocate to improve the practices, policies and systems that affect Black infant mortality.


Birth Equity Solutions is committed to providing training and technical assistance for organizations, communities, and stakeholders to achieve health and birth equity.


Leaving the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and bringing a premature baby home can be frightening and stressful for even the most prepared and experienced parents. Home visitation from culturally appropriate and trained professionals can support parents and babies with this milestone transition and follow families along the journey to baby’s first birthday.

Will You Stand Up for Black Babies?

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